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2012/2013 National League Ends

Prize winners from all divisions starting at Under 12 girls all the way up to Premier League men’s were presented trophies, certificates and prize money by members of the FFS Executive committee.
Club teams and their supporters were very vocal in cheering on the prize winners and a cheerful party atmosphere swept over the crowds as music was played and teams celebrated.
The programme kicked off with an opening prayer from FFS vice president Rev Laupama Solomona, followed by the key note address from FFS President Savae Togia Toetu Petana. The President thanked the clubs and their presidents for their support and participation in the 2012/2013 tournament.
The first prizes awarded were for the boys and girls youth divisions. First prize winners were as follows:
Under 12 Girls: Lepea Primary School
Under 12 Boys: Kiwi Football Club
Under 12 Boys Cup: Vaivase Tai
Under 12 Girls Youth Representative League: Manono Magic
Under 12 Boys Youth Representative League: Apolima Vikings
Under 15 Girls: Lupe ole Soaga
Under 15 Boys: Unity Football Club
Under 15 Boys Cup: Faatoia United
Under 15 Girls Youth Representative League: Upolu Giants
Under 15 Boys Youth Representative League: Savaii Staars
Under 17 Boys League: Vaipuna Sports Club
Under 17 Boys Cup: Vaitele Uta Sports Club
The second lot of prizes was for the senior division Men and Women. First prize winners were as follows:
Men’s First Division: Vaitele Uta Sports Club
Women’s Premier League: Kiwi Football Club
Men’s Premier League: Lupe ole Soaga
Finally, the individual award winners for each division were honoured. Prize recipients were as follows:
Under 12 girls’ most valuable player: Elcy Alisha Lui (Unity Football Club)
Under 12 Boys most valuable player: Osa Faafiu (Adidas Sports Club)
Under 12 Girl’s youth Rep League- Player of the Tournament: Elcy Alisha Lui (Unity Football Club)
Under 12 Boys Youth Rep League- Player of the Tournament: Niusila Taulauniu (Vaitele Uta Sports Club)
Under 15 girl’s most valuable player: Shalom Fiso (Faatoia United)
Under 15 boy’s most valuable player: Henry Smith (Faatoia United)
Under 15 girl’s Youth Representative League- Player of the Tournament: Lagimaina Akari (Faatoia United)
Under 17 Boy’s Golden Glove: Faalavelave Matagi (Vaitele Uta Sports Club)
Under 17 Boy’s Golden Boot: Paulo Scanlan Vaipuna
Under 17 Most valuable player: Paulo Scanlan
Golden Glove Awards: First Division- Charlie Tapelu (Vaitele Uta Sports Club)
: Women’s League- Faanunu Ropeti (Adidas Sports Club)
: Premier League- Laki Stowers (Vaipuna Sports Club)
Golden Boot Awards: First Division: Kome FIlimoeatu (Vaitele Uta Sports Club)
: Women’s League : Suitupe Tafafa (Kiwi Football Club)
: Premier League: Rudy Gosche (Moaula Sports Club)
Most Valuable Player: First Division: Sekone Brandy ( (Vaipuina Sports Club)
: Women’s League: Hana Malo(Vaimoso Sports Club)

: Men’s Premier League: Lapalapa Toni (Lupe ole Soaga)
Fair Play Award: One Way Wind Football
The 2013/2014 season will kick off in September this year.