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7s Aside Tournament

The 7-aside tournament was introduced in 2015 as a stop gap tournament to end the season, however due to the popularity and interest shown last year the tournament will kick start the 2016 football season.

The National League 7-aside Tournament is a smaller version of football played on a smaller pitch with a team of six outfield players and a goalkeeper on each side.
Some of the benefits of this version of the game is its helps develop the players speed, improve their technical skills while also allowing smaller clubs the chance to field teams.
The tournament is scheduled to run for six weeks on Saturday’s at the FFS fields at Tuanaimato. Twenty two men’s teams and eight women’s teams have entered from the 15 registered clubs in Upolu and FFS Development Youth team
1. Adidas Soccer Club
2. Faleasi’u Kids Soccer
3. Lepea Soccer Club
4. Lotopa Soccer Club
5. Lupe ole Soaga Soccer Club
6. Moata’a Soccer Club
7. Moaula Football Club
8. Sogi Football Club
9. Togafu’afua Saints
10. Vailima Kiwi Football Club
11. Vaipuna Soccer Club
12. Vaitele Soccer Club
13. Vaitoloa Soccer Club
14. Vaiusu Soccer Club
15. Vaivase-Tai Football Club
16. FFS Development Youth team