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Football Referees Course in Samoa.

However, no matter how much one wants to blame the referee for a loss, the game of football is impossible to play without the referee and their assistants.
In order for someone to become a football referee they have to have a clear knowledge and understanding about the Laws of the game. They also have to have the necessary fitness to keep up with a games speed. They need to be able to communicate their decisions clearly and must command respect from the players.
With this in mind the Football Federation Samoa (FFS) with the assistance of the FIFA Referees Assistance Program (RAP) has just finished conducting a five-day referees course plus a two-day referees assessor course.
Referees Development Officer Massimo Raveino, Technical Instructor Neil Poloso, and Fitness Instructor Kader Touati are facilitating the referee’s course. This is the third time in the last 3 years that they have come to Samoa to conduct a referee’s course.
Raveino explained the objectives of the course “The objective of this course is to consolidate and improve the performance of the referees and assistant referees. We are working on improving the knowledge of the referees on the FIFA laws of the game also the refereeing techniques. What is very important these days is the management of the game and players by the referees”.
Another important aspect for referees is fitness. During the course the participants were given the opportunity to work with Fitness Instructor Touati on how to improve their fitness levels. They also had to take part in a fitness test, which covered speed and endurance.
Prior to the referees course a two-day referees assessors course was conducted. Taking part in this course were Samoa’s top Football referees. As a result of this assessors course the participants will now be able to assess the performance of referees as they are refereeing games. The will then be able to provide important feedback on the referees performance and how they can improve.
This referees course also offers participants a chance to prove themselves. If they do well on the course they could be given the opportunity to travel and officiate during Oceania Football Confederation and FIFA competitions around the world. To this Raveino added; “ Now after the course the whistle will be in their hands, they will have to work hard to prove their abilities”.