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Upolu Youth League kicks off

Football Federation Samoa has always placed high importance on developing opportunities for young children to take part in football.  As such, FFS continues to provide activities and opportunities through football for girls and females to get involved and take part.

The latest addition to achieving this goal was the opening of the Upolu Youth League Tournament on Saturday 29th April 2017.

The tournament has seen enthusiastic teams register at Under 9, 14 and 17 levels for girls and boys division.

FFS Competition Manager Terry Parle emphasizes the importance of the tournament, and has given FFS a chance to view the clubs and look at ways to improve and help them to grow and develop in Football.

“A positive start at the first day of the competition, we have 12 clubs showed up with lots of teams, it’s been a good day to get the kids on the park and it was a good start and hopefully to a better season,” he said.

Kicking off with new format Parle believes it’s a way of giving the teams more player exposure in matches.

“We’ve actually changed the format slightly for under nine with  a 5 sided
game, in that way we have more kids on the field, more touches of the ball and less kids on the sideline.

Parle pointed out the importance of the tournament as one of the most vital events in Football Samoa annual calendar.

The youths in this tournament will be the future national team players and it is very important that we give them ample opportunities to play and compete so they can grow and develop their talents,” he said.

Parents and supporters were delighted with the youngster’s performance and looking forward to the next competition in place by Football Federation Samoa.


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