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“To be a well governed, structured and credible Member Association that effectively and efficiently delivers football for all, through youth development, health & well being, communities, family support, ongoing education and partnerships”.

Education – To help improve education, using football as a tool.

‘Just Play’ grassroots programme, initiated by OFC, is expected to be launched in May 2010, will focus on promoting healthy living for children aged 6-12, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture and local villages.

FFS also hold a ‘Fun Football’ programme each Saturday for children aged 3-14, in which FFS volunteers teach football drills. Registration is free.

Referee Development – To develop referee performance and knowledge
Regular workshops are held to upskill FFS officiating team.

Coaching Assistance – To provide technical assistance to local coaches
FFS aim to provide technical courses to help develop local coaches – involved in clubs, schools, villages – to enhance their knowledge on a step-by-step basis, in order to set a benchmark for quality and performance and to create a network for coaches.

Futsal – To successfully introduce Futsal into Samoa
Futsal has recently been introduced to FFS with the FIFA Futsal Refereeing & Coaching Course held on 15-19 February. Over 20 participants completed the 5day course. The next step for FFS is to implement a futsal tournament to utilize course participants and to introduce this version of football to local players.