Just Play Festival

Just Play programme implemented across the Pacific region into primary schools and communities.
Just Play is designed for children between the ages of 6 to 12 and is based around the structured football activity.
An agreement between MESC and FFS was signed in May 2010 to collaborate in the development of this program. The Launch of the Just Play Program in Samoa occurred in June 2010.
School teachers and volunteers received training from the OFC in cooperation with FFS to provide and teach students on how to develop game skills and lead healthier lives. The children of various districts then participated in the Just Play activities for six weeks run by the trained teachers during their PE time.
Just play has been designed and funded by the Oceania Football Confederation, Football Federation Samoa and the Government of Australia.
Fourteen primary schools came together to participate in the Just Play Festival held at Fuailolo’o Primary school at Mulifanua this week. The purpose of this festival is the finishing up of the six weeks of monitoring and evaluation conducted in Aana 2/ Lefaga Districts Primary School.
Teachers received certificates after six weeks of trainings by the OFC (Oceania Football Federation) cooperated by FFS Football Federation Samoa.
Just Play Project Manager Lynnette Laumea Fa’ai’uaso said that, “We trained the teachers on the Just Play programme because the teachers are the main contact with students in the schools and the children listen to them.
“We were able to train eight female teachers and nine male teachers from A’ana 2, they were the ones that received certificates today, and become Just Play Coaches and they will also deliver this Just Play program in time of P.E.
“We use games in this program to develop the lifestyle of the child not only in the classroom but games can also help achieve a child’s life.
“Just Play programme is for age of 12 and under, it is like an introduction to games and can help a child’s body get fit while they are young, so that when get older their bodies are so use to playing games especially soccer.
“This year we went to the big island of Savai’i and last year we went to Falealili and Safata and also the Samoa Special Olympics.
“This program is funded by the Australian Government, Australian Sports Commission, AUS Aid, UEFA, Oceania Football Confederation,” said Mrs Faaiuaso.