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Savaii League kicks off

The main purpose of this seven week league is to provide local clubs an introductory tournament to gain a better understanding of the laws of the game, the format of the competition as well as the rules and regulations of the Football Federation Samoa.
Eight clubs from various villages registered for this year’s tournament. FFS competitions department are running the tournament with the assistance of Savaii referees.
The eight villages competing are Lalomalava, Iva White Lions, Sapapalii, Saipipi, Vaitoomuli, Vailoa, Siufaga and Tafua.
Hundreds of people turned up at the FFS fields to witness the first match of the league. For the women’s division, Iva and Tafua were the first to kick off in spectacular fashion. Both teams played hard and the competition was even, however in the end the game was awarded to Iva by default as Tafua breached the FFS rules by fielding two players that were registered to another club.
For the men’s division, the same villages played. Tafua won at the final whistle with a score of 4-0.
FFS Competitions Coordinator Tanya Bryce was very pleased with the first round of games “We had a few small issues with unregistered players but overall the first round of the tournament was successful, it is fantastic to see the support and enthusiasm of the people in Savaii”
Weekday matches run from Wednesday to Friday kicking off at 4pm and Saturday all divisions play with the first game starting at 8.30am and the last one kicking off at 4pm. Head down to the FFS Regional Technical Centre in Iva to catch all the action.