Centres 2014

“We want to get good results and that’s why we implemented this program”. OFC Technical Advisor Simon Toselli stated in an interview with FFS Media.
Football Federation Samoa Technical department introduced the new program in 2013 to train, maintain and prepare young aspiring stars to become national representatives. The Centres for Development and Centres of Excellence cater for selected players from Registered Clubs and National Representative league to be trained twice a week by the top FFS coaches.
The Centres are a key component in the FFS Technical Strategy which is primarily focused on the development of youth players. It constitutes the second step in the elite or talented player pathway it is the intention that we will see these children representing Samoa in the future.
FFS CEO Sarai Bareman is happy with the progress so far, “For the past 3 seasons we have run a structured youth competition and have steadily increased the number of children playing football. It is now the time to shift focus to the next level – the elite players and National Teams.
These Centres are an important part of this new focus, as we look to build better players for our future National teams”.
The current programme includes 90 boys and girls in the under 12 and under 15 categories. FFS Coaches provide specialised training sessions and fun activities for the participants every week. The program will be on until the end of the FFS League when a new wave of participants will be selected.
Plans are also underway for the opening a new centre for Development in Savaii.