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Joy at Football Grounds.

Primary school children from year 1 to year 8 took part in the three-day tournament, which was organized by The Football Federation Samoa (FFS) with the support of schools.
Also on hand to support the children were their parents who used the opportunity to encourage their children as they were playing. Kerrie Punivalu whose son is in year 6 at Vaiala Beach School commented on the tournament by saying; “It has been well organized and the kids love playing in this tournament. Especially since the young kids at this age do not have enough opportunities to play at this level so this has been excellent”.
The six schools, which participated in the three-day Just Play tournament were, AH Mu Academy, Leamosa Primary School, Peace Chapel, Robert Louis Stevenson School and Vaiala Beach School. The children were also divided by gender into four different age groups.
Robert Louis Stevenson School Principal Fiaapia Devoe was very please with the tournament. “It has been a very nice, the weather has been good and the kids are really enjoying themselves. You can see that the skills are there, they just need to be nurtured. When the kids are happy it builds up their moral and than it makes them think as well”.
Devoe also added; “This tournament brings a lot of fellowship and sportsmanship, win or lose the kids enjoy each other’s company. Ok they are foes when they are on the field but when they come off it the shake each other’s hand so that make more friends as a result”.
After the tournament all participating schools were give equipment packs, which included balls, cones, bibs and makers. The schools will be able to use this equipment to continue teaching their children football related activities.
FFS President Savae Toetu Petana used the opportunity to thank all those who participated “ I want to thank all the schools that have been taking part in this tournament. Also a big thank-you to all the parents that have been coming to support their children, this has been really great to see”. Petana also mentioned “We at FFS are committed to see the sport develop especially at the grassroots level”.
From the 8 eight different categories, 3 were both won by Robert Louis Stevenson School and Samoa Primary. While Peace Chapel and Leamosa Primary School won 1 age group each. However winning was not the main focus of the Just Play Tournament as the main focus was to learn better, enjoy school, live healthy, make friends and be happy

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