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Lupe o le Soaga to debut in OFC Champions League Preliminary

Hosted by Football Federation Samoa at their fields in Tuanaimato, the competition will attract national league champions from Tonga, Cook Islands and American Samoa, who will join Lupe o le Soaga in their quest to progress to the OFC Champions League Group Stage in April 2015.
This will be the club’s first entry into the Preliminary competition, after coming out of the Men’s National League as champions during the 2012/13 season. With a tough gig ahead, the team has spent the past seven weeks training rigorously and preparing themselves mentally.
President and Team Manager of Lupe o le Soaga, Taimalelagi Fiti Aimaasu is happy with his team’s preparations.
“We have spent a lot of time on the conditioning of our players so that they are able to cope with playing at a higher, more intense level of football”, stated Aimaasu.
“Discipline has been a key focus which has proved to be difficult at times but all in all, the boys have come together as a unit”.
Aimaasu is confident that they will put their best team forward with players such as Lapalapa Toni, Vaalii Faalogo, Lionel Taylor and Ted Sikovi in their squad.
“Taylor has the ability to show up everywhere on the field and Faalogo has been a rock for us at the back. I also feel extremely happy to have managed to bring back Ted Sikovi after he chose rugby over soccer for the last few years, and I certainly look forward to having him steady our defence”, said the club president.
The support from their village of Magiagi hasn’t gone unnoticed with the team raising $1,000 tala last week during a village clean up.
“The team has only grown to what it is now, thanks to the support of our village of Magiagi and many other contributors like Laauli Soata Uta’i, Faafetai Faalogo and Tapuitea Lavea to name a few”, said Aimaasu.
With a strong support team and key players on their side, there is no doubt that Lupe o le Soaga will put their best foot forward, representing Samoa at the OFC Champions League Preliminary. Make sure you come down and show your support for Lupe o le Soaga!
OFC Champions League Preliminary Draw
Match Day 1
7 October, 2014

FC Samoa Korean Baptist Church v Puaikura FC 16h30
Lotoha’apai United v Lupe Ole Soaga SC 19h00
Match Day 2
9 October, 2014

FC Samoa Korean Baptist Church v Lotoha’apai United 16h30
Lupe Ole Soaga SC v Puaikura FC 19h00
Match Day 3
11 October, 2014
Puaikura FC v Lotoha’apai United 15h00
Lupe Ole Soaga SC v FC Samoa Korean Baptist Church 17h30
*Simultaneous kick-off may be enforced on Match Day 3

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