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FFS Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day

A day filled with mixed emotion when Football Federation Samoa in partnership with Senese Inclusive Education celebrated World Down Syndrome Day at the FFS Complex in Tuana’imato.

For this year’s celebration the theme of “My Voice, My Community, Speak Up and Be Heard”

Down syndrome day is celebrated worldwide on March 21st of every year as an event to create awareness and honor the lives of people with an extreme chromosome similar to physical growth delays, physical appearances and characteristics with a mild intellectual disability.

As part of the celebration Zumba, small sided games and fun activities organized by Senese Inclusive and FFS technical department for participating schools including the Nazareth Pre School, Fiamalamalama, Special Olympics and Loto Taumafai.

Mr Eli Kapu who was the keynote speaker shared his story as one the greatest experience he had in life.

“The day my daughter was born, her eyes automatically changed its color from white to purple. I knew something was not right. My daughter got transferred to

Enjoying the sun.  Photo Senese Inclusive

a different room. One day I went to visit her, when I walked in I realized that she was placed in the far end. The nurse came up saying your daughter has complications, I asked what sort of complications she replied down syndrome,” she said.

It hit me; I didn’t know what was wrong with her. As an American Citizen, we have rights to put new born Orphan homes or Adoption.  If I had given her away when the nurse approached me 20 years ago I would’ve missed the many blessings from God. A Down syndrome person is a reminder and example of love, pure, confident and respect to normal people.

Senese Inclusive Education and Special Olympics Samoa have worked in partnership with Football Federation Samoa since 2010 through the Just Play Programme.

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