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Dominiko: Samoan Star Striker

This award is given to the player who has scored the most goals during the season. Dominiko was able to score a total of 24 goals in 15 matches for his club, Sogi Football Club. This is an impressive achievement considering the fact that he missed 4 weeks during the season.
Opponents and spectators alike are always able to easily pick out and distinguish Dominiko on the field due to his trademark yellow boots. “I like wearing yellow boots because our team’s jersey is yellow and I wanted the shoes to look the same as the jersey.” he explained.
Dominiko comes from a true football family with 3 brothers and 2 sisters all playing the sport. This as a result challenged him to become a better player and improve his skills. He also played together with his older brother Sakaio Tokuma during the last season.
Dominiko is soft-spoken and also very shy outside the football field; however in front of goal he displays utmost confidence with his remarkable ability to score with both feet.
His best game during the 2009/2010 season was against Moaula Untied FC where he scored a hat trick of goals. “We played against the best team in Samoa and I was so happy to score three goals and help my team draw the match 3-3.
Dominiko’s favourite football player is Christiano Ronaldo and he supported Spain at the recent 2010 FIFA world Cup. He also believes that his Sogi FC team is strong enough to win the upcoming 2010/2011 National League season.
His future ambitions are to play football professionally outside of Samoa. He also added: “My dream is to play for Samoa in the 2011 South Pacific Games in New Caledonia and of course I also want to score for Samoa at that tournament wearing my trademark yellow boots.

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