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Just Play continues to be popular.

The Australian government funds the program and it aims to encourage physical activity among young people and to provide funding for football training programs. Equipment packs containing balls, bibs, and cones are also distributed to the schools to assist with the program.
Principal of Vaitele-Uta Primary School, Ferila Masina Su’a, was very pleased with the progress so far. “This program gives our young ones a chance to play and learn about football. It also gives them the opportunity to be good in sports especially if they are not so good academically.
She also expressed her hope to see the continuation of the program in the future. “For the children, this program needs to continue for as long as possible. In the first year, the kids will be able to learn new skills which over the period of three years they will be able to improve and become very good players.
Over the past weeks, the Football Federation Samoa ‘Just Play’ volunteers visited several schools to check up on the progress of the program as well as to assist teachers with running the program. Ten private and nine public schools around the Apia area are participating in the program.
We are very happy with the number of children participating in the program. When we visited Vaigaga Primary School, there were around 400 children participating and around 300 at Aleisa Primary School.” Atufili Talaia the Grassroots Manager for the ‘Just Play’ program explained. He also added, “This week private schools will start introducing the program since they have now come back to school from their mid-term break.
Ruta Toafa, who is the principal of Aleisa Primary School, was also very pleased to see her students participate in the program because it encourages friendship. “ The program encourages our students to develop friendship, sportsmanship, and to work as a team when participating. They also get the chance to learn some basic football skills.
Alesia Primary School year 8 student James Fiso, whose favourite player is David Beckham, clearly was enjoying the experience and he stated, “ I enjoy playing in this program, I also want to be a good player and play professionally one day.

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