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Football coaches complete course

They also provided the players with the tools that they needed to become a great athlete.
However if a coach is giving his players the wrong advice this can lead to a player not improving their skills and as a result can also lead to the team not performing to their potential at competitions.
One thing is for sure which we can all agree is that for players and teams to develop and improve they will need to be coached by someone who has who has the right knowledge and skills.
With this in mind aspiring coaches in Samoa have just completed a four-day D licence-coaching course. It was during this course that they learned important aspects on how to be a good coach. FIFA coaching instructor Didier Chambaron conducted the course.
On the objectives of the course Chambaron commented “The objective was to provide coaches with knowledge and competency to prepare, structure and organize suitable development training sessions for youth players (13-18 years old)”.
Chambaron who comes from France, played as a defender in the French third division. For four years he had worked extensively as a coach in New Caledonia and as technical director. He also won a gold medal as coach of New Caledonia during the 2007 South Pacific games, which was held in Samoa.
After the four-day course Chamberon explained; “The course was successful in building the foundation of coaching methodologies and player development programming. Even if the course combined both theory and practical, the practical training sessions were a significant part of the course:
Chamberon also added; “As the course progresses, the amount of interest, participation and effort increased during the practical training sessions by the participants as they were very encouraging and good. It was evident the participants were eager to learn and can improve for the future. It was also observed by the final day of the course, there was more improvement and interest in all areas”.