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Soccer Sisters

Establishing a fun day for women of all ages to enhance health and fitness is one of the objectives of the Football Federation Soccer (FFS) Soccer Sisters festival held on Saturday 23rd November 2013 at Tuanaimato Complex.
Earlier this month, FFS hosted a Soccer Sisters festival to raise awareness for the fight against Breast Cancer. Yesterday’s festival highlighted a new cause – the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
FFS in collaboration with the Ministry of Health used the festival to educate women to live balanced lives, by sustaining good diets and choosing the right food to eat, practising exercise and living in a healthy environment.
Soccer Sister’s Festival is an annual activity of the FFS which runs ten times a year to develop and increase participation of women in football.
In 2012, FIFA officially launched the Women’s Football Development Programme to assist its member associations with the development and growth of Women’s Football.
From this initiative, Women’s football in Samoa was given a boost with financial support and equipment. It has progressed well with the successful implementation of these activities.
The participation of women and young girls in this Festival is also testament of efforts by FFS to address gender issues and to encourage girls and mothers of all ages to socialise and enjoy football.
FFS Chief Executive Officer, Sarai Bareman is a strong advocate for women’s health in Samoa, “Women are so valuable to society, to the family unit and to the village community. As women, if we lead by example in eating the right foods, being active and living healthy, it is only natural that our families and communities will follow suit. We have the power to initiate change and we mustn’t underestimate how important this is.”
Rev Muao Su’a of the Congregational Christian Church of Vaitele Uta led the festival with an opening prayer.
Mae’e Ualesi Silva of Ministry of Health delivered the keynote address and declared the opening of the Festival. In her speech she stated everyone women should be physical active by having a balance diet and exercise often.
Cultural entertainment was provided by CCCS Vaitele Youth following the formalities.
In addition to the Festival, there were small sided games, fun activities, ZOVA for mothers, giveaways for the outstanding players and more.