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D1 Licences for Upolu

Football Federation Samoa opened a three day coaching course Tuesaday morning 26 November 2013 at its Technical Centre in Tuanaimato.
18 participants from sixteen (16) registered clubs were present at the course opening to be trained on how to coach effectively. The coaches will be taught how to coach and train children between the ages of 5-12years old. This is known as the grassroots level and is the first step in the coaching pathway.
The main purpose of the course is to provide the selected coaches from various clubs in Upolu a clear understanding of how to organise and deliver a proper training session and how to make the best impact on the field with their players.
Those coaches that perform well will be given an opportunity to participate in the next level which will give them there completed D licence. The best of the D licence coaches will then be selected in 2014 to participate for the D2 licence for coaching youth (aged 13 – 18 years).
FFS CEO talked about the importance of good coaches, “Quality coaches are a key ingredient to the development of Football in Samoa. We have many players involved in our activities now and have experienced huge growth over the past few years. The key for us now is to develop good quality coaches to lead and teach these players – without a good coach, a player can only go so far”
This course is a key part of the FFS development plan for Upolu. The course will be on for three days and participants are expected to then return to their respective clubs and put into practice what they have learnt.
Women’s Development Officer Lynette Fa’aiuaso is the local instructor conducting the three day coaching course.
Thursday 28th November 2013 was the last day of the course, wrapping up with the presentation of certificates to all participants.