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New Development Centres

Success is no accident, it is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, and sacrifice but most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do.
A famous saying by Pele former popular soccer player.
The above adage is used by the Football Federation Samoa (FFS) Technical team in charge of the new Centre for Development to motivate their players. The chosen players are the top Under 12 boys and girls selected from the All-star Youth Representative league which drew to an end recently.
The new Centre for Development has been designed by the FFS Technical team as a way to produce and maintain players that have the potential in Football to become national representatives.

FFS implemented the program last-week Tuesday with the first training session for 40 players (25 boys and 15 girls). These youngsters get specialised training from the top FFS Youth Coaches every Tuesday and Thursday at 3.30pm.
The main objective of this initiative is to instil into these children the spirit of commitment and the right attitudes.
They also receive a higher level of training then what they have been exposed to at club level – this gives them their first taste of representative or elite level football.
According to Simon Toselli, Oceania Football Confederation Technical Mentor “Producing outstanding players needs excellent coaches who have an understanding at the highest technical level”. Toselli has been instrumental in assisting the FFS Technical team prepare for the opening of the Centre for Development and has also helped to prepare the centre’s coaches by running several workshops in conjunction with the FFS.
FFS CEO Sarai Bareman comments “The Centre for Development is a key component in the FFS Technical Strategy which is primarily focused on the development of youth players.
It constitutes the second step in the elite or talented player pathway and what we hope is that we will see these children representing Samoa in the future.”
When asked about the selected coaches Bareman also added “The Centre for Development is also a key step in the development pathway of our coaches.
It is absolutely essential that we produce top level coaches with strong technical skills to develop our players. We cannot expect greatness from our players without the right coaches to train them and get them to the top level.”
The Centre for Development will continue until the next Football season in September this year. The FFS hopes to set up international friendly matches with children of the same age level from other member associations around the Pacific.