FFS Day 1 Results

Yesterday evening was the kick off of the tournament with six games played.
The Business House tournament gathers 38 teams divided in four pools which involve businesses, government ministries and corporations.
Defending champions National University of Samoa played off well with Westpac Bank leaving the final whistle with a 3-1 win.
Samoa Breweries took on Farmer Joe 3; both teams are new to the business house league. They have showed incredible techniques on the field. Farmer Joe cross the score line in the first half, however Samoa Breweries equalised in the second half.
The game didn’t find any winners as none of the teams could take the lead. The match ended on a 1-1 draw and both teams had to share the points.
The tournament is scheduled to run for 11 weeks. 2013 Business house league is an annual activity that organized and monitor by the Football Federation Samoa.
The main purpose of the tournament is to bring staff together out of work, building team spirit and promoting healthy life style.
Here are the Results from Day 1 click here
Thursday 23rd May 2013 fixtures
Samoa National Provident Fund vs BOC/ Quarantine
Ministry for Revenue vs SROS
Legislative vs Apia Concrete Products
Tradepac vs BECO United
LTA vs Ministry of Finance
Farmer Joe 2 vs Team SQA

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