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FFS Annual Congress

Football Federation Samoa has come a long way since its first annual congress in March 2011 where the new Executive Committee and President were elected. After two years under a FIFA imposed Normalisation period, the newly appointed Executive had the tough task ahead of them – to rebuild the game in Samoa.
Since then, a new team of staff has been appointed and the development activity of FFS has seen football firmly back on the sporting calendar in Samoa.
Many have seen the positive impact that Football is making at the grassroots and youth level and we see the fields crawling with football players and fans alike every weeknight and on Saturdays during the National League.
On Saturday 2nd November 2013, FFS held its annual Congress. Presidents or representatives from 10 of the founding member clubs attended the meeting which is the second to be chaired by FFS President Toetu Petana.
The Congress started off with an opening prayer conducted by FFS Vice President Rev Laupama Solomona. The prayer was followed by the Presidential Report. FFS President Savae Togia Toetu Petana stated in his report ”there are numerous support that we receive from FIFA; however we have to determine the usage of these assistances and use it wisely to develop Football in our country.
With the successful inauguration of two projects (Futsal Court in Tuanaimato and the Savaii Regional Centre), we shall not sit around. This is our time to enhance and make use of these facilities. We have more long term plans on the way, so there’s a lot and more to come.
I encourage you all today that what we are doing now is for the benefit of sport, not only for Samoa for the world as a whole”.
Other issues discussed include eight amendments of the FFS Statues, approval of financial statements, budget and auditors for 2013.
The next Congress will be held next year.