Futsal 3 weeks tournament ends

23 teams entered the tournament however only 16 teams made it to the playoff round which teamsfighting for a spot in the quarterfinals.
FFS expects to make good use of the new Futsal court with plans underway to host a women’s Futsal tournament followed by a business-house tournament which will be opened to the public.
FFS Technical Development Officer Martin Tamasese is excited about the new tournament and facility and what it means for Football in Samoa. “I am thrilled to see our local players have this opportunity to play on such a fantastic facility and also for the youth development programs we have in place which will benefit greatly from the introduction of this new sport”
Kiwi team 2 was named as the FFS Futsal tournament. Lupe ole Soaga took the second place while Kiwi team 1 came third, and One Way Wind on fourth place. Emily Young (FFS Executive member presented the certificates to the winning teams

final day Futsal Results

Leauvaa team 2 (4) Central United team 1 (1)
Leauvaa team 1 (won by default) Lupe ole Soaga 2 (loss by default)
Kiwi 1 5 Vaipuba 1 2
Central United team 2 (2) Vaitoloa team 2 (0)
Lupe ole Soaga team 1 (5) Apia Youth (4)
One Way Wind (4) Vaimoso team 1 (0)
Kiwi team (2) 7 Vaipuna team 2 (2)
Kiwi team 1 (5) Central United team 2 (1)
One Way Wind team (1) 5 Leauvaa team 2 (2)
Kiwi team (2) 2 Adidas team 2 (1)
Lupe ole Soaga team 2 (5) Leauvaa team 2 (1)
3rd & 4th place- Kiwi team 1 (2) One Way Wind (0)
1st & 2nd place- Kiwi team 2 (2) Lupe ole Soaga team 2 (1)