The chosen one

Henry has been selected by Football Federation Samoa to represent Samoa as the first male Oceania/FIFA (pls confirm) assistant referee in the upcoming 3 days OFC Champions League Preliminary tournament in America Samoa.
Henry became very passionate about Football when his youth group (CCCS Vaitele) entered a team in the FFS National League Tournament in 2011. Henry has stated that whenever he goes to trainings, one of his favourite things to do and which he looks forward to do is not only to watch the football matches but especially observing the referees.
From that interest, Henry joined the group of referees and was later selected to be part of the FIFA referee course part 1 which took place in October 2012. Henry in our interview stated, “Assisting a match wasn’t an easy task for me. The experience I had was slightly different from the others. However I managed to overcome the difficulties of the job and focused on what I needed to improve and be a better referee.”
FFS President Savae Togia Toetu Petana encouraged Henry to use the opportunity wisely. “Not all referees’ in Samoa get this opportunity. Becoming a referee is an on and off field job. We’ve seen Henry worked really hard supporting our Federation’s activities. To inspire means to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.
We want Henry to inspire himself by attending the tournament. It is something that the other entire referee’s should look at, not necessarily because it will enable him to be a highly qualified referee but it should make him work harder at what he does.
The OFC Champions League Preliminary tournament is an annual tournament hosted by OFC and is made up of four pacific island clubs from the Cook Islands, Tonga, America Samoa and Samoa. To qualify, the teams have to win their National League Tournament in the premier men’s division.
The winner of the O-League preliminary tournament will automatically play in the O-League championship made up of top teams from New Zealand, Tahiti, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and PNG.
Henry will be travelling to America Samoa today to prepare for the kick off games next week Tuesday.