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Football Donates to Red Cross.

Their actions on the field can determine if the team comes away with a win or a loss. However, there are other people involved in the game that we see at every match – but tend not to notice as much.
They are the men and women of the Samoa Red Cross Society who provide medical care to our players and officials when they get injured.
In some cases the treatment they give on the field can determine how quickly the injured player will be able to play again for his team. Whatever their actions are – they do it purely for the benefit of the players themselves.

With this in mind the Football Federation Samoa (FFS) has kindly donated $5000.00 tala to the Red Cross Samoa.
FFS CEO Sarai Bareman states “The safety and well being of our players and officials during the FFS tournaments is paramount. Without the selfless volunteers who show up every week from the Red Cross, our tournaments would not be successful. They have done a marvelous job in the past three seasons and we hope to see them continue their good work for the benefit of our members
The Football Federation Samoa hopes that this donation will help and assist the Samoa Red Cross Society to continue their good work in the community of Samoa. The 2012/2013 National League season will kick off on the 17th Ocotber 2012.
All are welcome to watch at the J.S Blatter Football Complex, Tuanaimato.