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FFS Gives out Support

Football Federation Samoa in partnership with the FIFA Women’s Development Program held a press conference yesterday morning to present football gear and equipment to the eight registered clubs taking part in the annual FFS National League tournament in the Under 12 girls division.
The tournament kicked off on the 25th January.
The presentation of the gear started with opening remarks from the FFS CEO Sarai Bareman, “We want to encourage more young girls to participate in football.
Football can have such a positive impact on a young girl’s life. It has great health benefits for the girls in teaching them to be active on a regular basis; it gives them a great platform to rise to leadership positions, to make new friends, to socialise with their peers and to learn about team work”. Emily Young, female member of the Football Federation Samoa executive committee presented the gears individually to the club representatives.
The gear includes full sets of football uniforms, shin pads, socks, balls, bibs and more. Additionally, Football Federation Samoa provides transportation for all the clubs registered for the under 12 and 15 girls divisions every Saturday morning from their villages to the fields.
FFS through support from the FIFA Women’s Development program has put in place this assistance to help out the clubs with their teams and particularly for the development of Women’s football.
“We understand the difficulties our people have when trying to organise uniforms and gear for their teams – and we hope that this donation to our Under 12 girls teams will go a long way towards encouraging the young girls to continue with our sport” said the CEO during the presentation. “I would like to acknowledge the support of the FIFA Women’s Development program for making this possible”.
Club representatives acknowledged the support of the FFS for their girl’s teams.