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Savaii Soccer Sisters

It is a program established by the FFS in 2012 to enhance the participation of women and girls in football.
Supported by the FIFA Women’s Development Program and OFC, Soccer Sisters was launched in 2012 and has been a huge success so far.
From this initiative FFS was able to establish a girl’s youth league which is now in its second season. Soccer sister’s festival runs ten times a year and this was the first festival for Savaii. Women and girls of all ages and backgrounds were invited to attend the special day dedicated to women. Once there, they were able to participate in fun activities and games whilst enhancing their football skills and getting active.
The festival started with an opening prayer conducted by Rev Viliamu Falevaai of the Siufaga CCCIS followed by a keynote address by Ms Emily Young – female representative of the FFS Executive committee. Presidents of Women’s Committees from the eight registered soccer clubs were also present at this event.
“Soccer is like a poem, that you say it with your heart & soul by using your feet” Emily Young stated in her keynote address.
When you’re on the field, recall soccer sisters as your family. You are in a secure environment when there is only peace and happiness.
Cultural entertainment was provided by CCCIS from Siufaga following the formalities.
In addition to the Festival, there were small sided games, fun activities, ZOVA for mothers, giveaways for the outstanding players and more.
The 2014 Savaii League will kick off on the 19th February with the first youth games scheduled for Saturday the 22 February.