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Wanganui helps Samoa

During this time they visited Satitoa village in Upolu to help finish a project which the Wanganui City Council had start over one and a half years ago. Satitoa village had been affected by the 2009 Tsunami.
A team of 30 boys and girls took part in the Satitoa project. One of the main tasks was to build a new playground for the Satitoa Primary School. They also pulled down some damaged buildings that were still standing from the impact of the Tsunami.
After they had completed their work at Satitoa, as a reward the team were given an opportunity to play two games over two days against the Samoa National Team Training Squads for Men and Women.
On coming to Samoa Wanganui coach David Van Zanten explained that their team worked very hard and that the heat was an issue. He also stated that there are two things his teams will take with them back to New Zealand. “One is about helping a community which is what we came here for with the Satitoa project. Although we come from a different part of the world we can still come and help on the community side. On the football side we are thrilled that we were given the opportunity against the Men’s and Women’s National Teams. Our teams are unbeaten back home but to come here and play is something I am sure our players will remember and cherish”.
In the Men’s first match Wanganui surprisingly took the lead after only 15 minutes against the Samoa Men’s Training Squad. Despite the early setback the Samoa team then took control scoring 3 goals before halftime. They than went on to win the match 4-1. In the second match the Samoa team had a slightly easier time managing to come away with a 10-0 win.
The Samoa Women’s Team won both their games against Wanganui by a score line of 5-0 and 12-1 respectively.
FFS Acting CEO Sarai Bareman praised the good work that Wanganui had done at Satitoa. “It is an honour to host the teams from Wanganui Collegiate and we are humbled by the kindness and support they have shown to our country, especially those in Satitoa. Their presence has also provided a great opportunity for our training squads to have a run against overseas players. The score lines do not accurately reflect the challenge that the Wanganui teams gave our National Squads. They have some very talented young players and we wish the teams, players and supporters all the best in their future endeavours.