Upolu National League

Hundreds of Children from around Upolu gathered at the FFS Fields Tuanaimato on Saturday 18th June 2016 to participate in the Upolu youth Competition which is now in its second week and the beginning of the National League Tournament 2016.
The national league on the other hand has 3 categories which includes the men and women’s premier league as well as the men’s first division.
The overall objective of the competition is to develop football at youth level by providing youngsters with the opportunity to participate in a fun and competitive environment.
FFS Competition Manager Michael Toleafoa explains the significance of the tournament “This 10 week tournament is designed as an opportunity to learn more about the game, its laws and also the format of the competitions and the way FFS administers its games. On the other hand, it has also given the FFS a chance to view the clubs and look at ways that we can help them to grow and develop in soccer”
The 20 clubs which registered for this year’s National League Tournament are as follows,
1. Adidas (Alamagoto)
2. Fa’atoia United
3. Faleasi’u Kids Soccer
4. I’a Vai Soccer Club
5. Kiwi Football Club (Malifa)
6. Lotopa Soccer
7. Lepea Soccer Club
8. Lupe ole Soaga (Magiagi)
9. Moaula Soccer Club
10. Moata’a Soccer Club
11. One Way Wind (Moamoa)
12. SJC
13. Sogi Soccer Club
14. Togafu’afu’a Saints
15. Vaimoso Soccer Club
16. Vaitoloa Soccer Club
17. Vaivase Football Club
18. Vaitele United
19. Vaiusu Soccer Club
20. Unity