D1 Licences

Continuing to produce good players for the development of Football in Samoa is one of main aims of the FFS coaching course that was held in Iva, Savaii. 21 participants from the eight (8) registered clubs and representatives from the Special Olympics Samoa were present at the course to be trained on how to prepare, organize and deliver a training session.
The coaches were taught how to coach and train children between the ages of 5-12years old.
Local instructor Papalii Tala conducted the three day course with the assistance of Martin Tamasese, FFS Technical Development Officer. This was the second official coaching course for the 8 clubs where the participants received a “licence” at the end of the course.
The main purpose of the course is to provide the Savaii coaches a clear understanding of how to organise and deliver a training session of the grassroots age level.
Later in the year the same coaches will be given an opportunity to participate in the next level coaching licence where they will become qualifies for coaching children’s aged years 5-12 (grassroots).
This course is a key part of the FFS development plan for Savaii.
FFS Technical Development Officer Papalii Tala stated: “We now have the facilities in Savaii and it is very important that we give as much support and assistance to the people of Savaii to develop football and strengthen their clubs, especially at grassroots and youth level. This course is the second step of the previous course that was held last year in July.
The course has helpd out the coaches to prepare for the upcoming and the resumtion of the Savaii League next weekend.
The course wrapped up with a presentation of certificates to the elected 14 participants to notify that they are qualified coaches for the grassroots level.