Cup Competition

This round saw Vaimoso Sports Club take on Central United on field one while Unity from Vailele took on Vaipuna on field two.
In field 1, Central United led the game by 2 to nil against Vaimoso in the first half. However, both teams scored two excellent goals in the second half resulting in a 2-2 which subsequently led to 10 minutes extra time added to select the team to advance to the next round.
Both teams were in full force which enables them to do shoot out’s for a final score, whereby Central United won with 3 to 1 points against Vaimoso.
Lynette Faaiuaso, Captain for the Central United was very happy with her team’s result she stated that the game was a team effort and she acknowledged her team members and congratulated them for their teamwork, commitment and a job well done.
She also thanked Vaimoso for giving her team a great game.
Meanwhile in field 2, Unity played well against Vaipuna. Vaipuna won with a score of 3-1.
The rounds will continue to determine the best 8 teams to compete for the Cup Competition. The teams that will be competing in the upcoming round 2 in the Women’s division are, Kiwi, Moataa, Adidas, Moaulu, Lupe o le Soaga, Goldstar Sogi, Central United and Vaipuna.
Round two for cup competition kicks off on the 8th June 2013 at JS Blatter Tuanaimato Complex