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FIFA Develops Referees in Samoa

Referees Development Officer Massimo Raveino, Technical Instructor Neil Poloso, and Fitness Instructor Kater Touati are the conductors of the referee’s course.
This course is being held at J.S. Blatter Complex at Tuanaimato and over 30 people are participating in the course. Over the five days the course participants will learn the different aspects with regards to the FIFA laws of the game. They will also participate in a fitness program, which will assess their current fitness levels.

Mr Raveino explained: “We are happy to be here in Samoa to assist FFS by conducting this course. In order for referees to improve they need to train hard and participate regularly in competitions.”
During the opening of the course FFS CEO Mr Fred Young thanked the RAP team for coming to Samoa and commented: “ This course is vital for the development of our referees and football as a whole here in Samoa. Our National League is scheduled to start on the 11 September 2010 and this course will go a long way to ensure that our referees will be prepared to referee competition games during the season”.
The course also offers participants a chance to prove themselves as referees. If they do well on the course they would be given the opportunity to travel and officiate during Oceania Football Confederation and FIFA competitions around the world.
Mr Raveino also added as extra motivation for participants: “The door to paradise is wide open for a referee from Samoa who is committed and determined to participate at a FIFA World Cup. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup one person from Tonga and one person from the Solomon Islands were given opportunities to officiate; if they can do it why not someone from Samoa. I also believe it is easier for someone to go to the world cup as a referee than it is for the national team to qualify”.

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