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OFC Technical Director visits Samoa

While in Samoa he will worlk closely with Football Federation Samoa’s technical department.At the same time, he is also working closely with the competitions and grassroots development department to plan football development activities over the next four years.
Mr. Jacquemet played professionally in the French second and third division as goalkeeper at FC Valence. He had also, before joining FIFA and OFC, worked for the Football Federation of Tahiti as their technical director and national coach in the elite program. He also coached the Under 17 and 14 boys national teams.
On coming to Samoa Mr. Jacquemet stated, “I am in Samoa to support the federation with its planning on the long term technical and development plan from 2011-2014. Samoa has big potential with great facilities and passionate people driving the federation. Now the FFS needs to work to come up with a long term plan and then to put this plan into action.”
On the topic of where the federation would need to prioritise its recourses Mr. Jacquemet suggested, “The FFS needs to focus on grassroots and youth football through capacity planning. Training and Education will be very important part to this capacity building.
During Mr. Jacquemet’s time in Samoa he also got a chance to meet with the FFS interim chairman. “It was a pleasure for me to meet the FFS chairman Toetu Petana and the FFS staff. I am very happy to see that everyone is very motivated and passionate about developing football in Samoa.
Mr. Jacquemet finished his work today at the FFS and from here will travel to American Samoa.

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