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A Just Play first for Samoa

This was done during the schools weekly sports day on Fridays from 12 to 1pm. Excitement was in the air as the ‘Just Play’ Grassroots Project Manager Atufili Talaia and 2 FFS volunteers arrived at the school to assist 2 teachers with implementing the program to the year five students. These teachers had participated in the ‘Just Play’ course conducted the previous week.
The students themselves were clearly looking forward to the program and were eagerly waiting for it to start. Five minutes before the program was due to begin a parent rushed over with a brand new pair of white and pink sport shoes for her daughter who was participating in the program. When the program finally got underway, the students participated in Football related drills and small sided games over the next hour.
Year five teacher Sister Satoa Frost explained that only the year five students would be able to participate this week due the field being very small. She also added that different classes would be given a chance to participate in the program over the next few weeks. “The ‘Just Play’ program is great because not all students are good academically, some of them are slow learners and this allows them and gives them the opportunity to excel in sports.”
Samoa is a small country and we are known worldwide due to our athletes participating in different sports around the world. Who knows? A student from Pesega Fou might become the next Tim Cahill. ” Sister Frost added with a smile.

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