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Terry O’Donnell Interview.

Kiwi currently sits on top of the league with 4 wins and 1 draw.
Q: Mr O’Donnell, Kiwi Sit on top of the SamoaTel Premier League after five matches, what has been the reason for the success so far?
A: At the base of Kiwi’s success is a very strong team spirit and sense of togetherness running throughout the whole club and a real passion in the club for the game. Building on the foundation of this spirit Kiwi’s success so far this season has been a modernization of the team formation and structure and the teams willingness to learn and adapt to the new systems.
Q: Which player would you say has been the best player so far in Kiwi’s team?
A: Within that structure each player is aware of what his job is and what his contribution is to the team. For example a player who tends to carry the ball too much is given a target of making 15 completed passes in a game and he is reminded by his team mates that he has to make that contribution. We do not have a player of the match as everyone is contributing to the team effort in a different way – but following the instructions of the coach. Fitness levels are good and all training is done with a ball – very little running without the ball. The evidence is the confidence that the players have on the ball during games.
Q: As a coach you must be happy with Kiwi’s defence so far?
A: The defence has been helped by the deployment of a holding mid-field player and a system of both zonal and man marking. It has been very effective as I have not seen evidence of this happening in Samoa football before.
Q: Kiwi just had a hard fought game against Moataa, how did you see the game?
A: We expected a tough game from Moataa and that’s what we got. We tried to dominate them early and it worked, however we expected that at the start of the second half they would really pick up their tempo and sure enough that is what happened and instead of Kiwi calming the game down we got caught up in their tempo – it was not until mid-way through the second half that we got control of the game again. Full credit to Moataa for the way they approached this game, I fully expect them to win many games this season.
Q: What is the future plan for the team?
A: The focus of training and future development of the team is the passing between channels and creating opportunities for passing. Instead of a player with the ball having just one option for the pass we want to give him 2 every time adopting a system of playing in triangles and support the player on the ball. In addition, I do not think our set pieces are as good as they should be – we should be scoring more goals from set play, we are certainly practicing them!