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Football Referee Course Conducted In Savaii.

FFS Technical Director, Tunoa Lui and Referee’s Instructor Atufili Talaia facilitated the three-day course along with two national team players. The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) have been in partnership with FFS in carrying out this much-anticipated course.
On running the course in Savaii, Referee Instructor Talaia mentioned: “It’s great that we were able to conduct this referee’s course in Savaii. We can see that the participants have the talent and some knowledge of the game. What they need to learn now is the basic rules on how to be a good referee.
Participants from the villages of Sapapalii and Lalomalava were taught the different laws relating to the game as well as the main duties of a football referee.
Project Manager at MESC, Leuelu Talisau was very please with the turnout of the course: “It’s important that each village in Savaii learn the rules relating to the game of Football. There is a big emphasis’s from the Ministry to see this program continue to grow in Savaii.
Taliasau also added: “In November we will select more villages in Savaii to run this football program and then again next year. Football is very popular around the world and it is important that the game develops especially here in Savaii.
The participants were taught the theory pertaining to the laws of the game, and later participated in practical sessions. These sessions required them to run referee matches and in the end, the instructors were able to provide them with feedback.
It’s a great opportunity to have this training here in Savaii. We have learned a lot with regards to the rules. This course will help us as to be good referees and to lead the game”. Explained course participant, Taulupe Toleafoa.

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