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Football Comes Alive In Savaii

FFS Technical Director, Mr. Tunoa Lui, is instructing the three-day course along with two national team players. The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) are in partnership with FFS in carrying out this much-anticipated course.
Mr. Lui explains: “It’s great to be here in Savaii and it’s a dream to be able to run football programs here. I also hope the participants at the end of the course will have a clear understanding of how to manage skills and technical aspects when they are coaching kids.”
Over 20 participants from the villages of Sapapalii, Lano, and Lalomalava are participating in the course. The different skills that are needed to play football are covered in the course. These skills included dribbling, running with the ball, shooting, controlling, and passing.
Once the course is completed, the participants will be able to run football programs in their own respective communities and villages. They will also be receiving balls and other gear, which they will be able to use for their programs.
FFS CEO Frederick Young mentioned: “One of the main goals of FFS is for the game to grow especially at the grassroots level. By conducting this coaching course in Savaii is an important step in realising this goal.

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