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FFS Volunteers receive ‘Just Play’ certificates

These volunteers have the potential to represent Samoa during the 2011 South Pacific Games in New Caledonia. They have also been involved with the federation in the areas of coaching children and refereeing business house competitions and the national league. These five volunteers are, Saini Umutaua, Nadia Malifa, Luki Goshe, Sonney Poliko and Fauivi Malu. These volunteers had participated in the ‘Just Play’ course during the second cluster together with public school teachers.
Atufili Talaia the ‘Just Play’ grassroots manager explained “These volunteers will be very important when it comes to delivering the program at the schools. They will work closely together with school teachers in delivering the program to the school children. This process will be done during the next six weeks when we visit the schools to provide assistance and to monitor the progress of the ‘Just Play’ program”.
On Friday 2 July 2010 Pesega Fou will be the first school to launch the program for their students. Following this Moataa community will also be launching the program at the village sports field on Saturday at 7.30am. Mr Talaia also added, “ We are very excited that the program will be now introduced and I look forward to working together with the volunteers and teachers when implementing the program”.

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