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Day Two of ‘Just Play’

Yesterday marked the second day of the ‘Just Play’ Program in Samoa. ‘Just Play’ technical coordinator Colin Tuaa assisted by ‘Just Play’ grassroots project manager Atufili Talaia and FFS technical director Tunoa Lui conducted the two-day course. Twenty teachers from different private schools around Samoa participated, two participants from the Moataa community and two peace corps volunteers.
Over the two-day course the teachers were given ‘Just Play’ manuals and were taught on how to teach children different football skills. These skills included dribbling/running with the ball, shooting, controlling and passing.
Mr Tuaa was pleased with how the course went and stated “ I believe this is an important step in moving the game forward in Samoa. The aim of ‘Just Play’ is the facilitate activities through football. The program is about human capacity and teaching the teachers to deliver the program. FFS job is now to provide support to the teachers”.
A highlight of the day was the festival, which saw the teachers having to put into practice what they had learned in the course by teaching children. Children between the ages of 6-12 from Samoa Primary school took part in the festival. At the conclusion of the course, the teachers received their ‘Just Play’ certificates. The teachers also received equipment packs containing football balls, cones, disks, bibs, whistles and pumps which they will be able to take back to their schools and use to teach the students.
Tuala Petelo Pa’u a teacher from Marist Brother’s Mulivai explained that “ the course was very good and we learned a lot of skills and ways on how to improve and teach little children to play football”. With regards to the equipment packs Mr Pa’u stated “ they will be great to use for our school students. I look forward to implementing what we have learned in the course to teach the program to our students”.
The teachers will now be able to teach football programs and activities at their respective schools with the assistance and support of the FFS. Starting today another two-day course will be conducted for the public schools and a village community.

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